About ArtGen

ArtGen is a computer program designed by the Swedish artist Ove Carlson. He have had the idea of a physical machine that could generate artwork for a long time. It resulted in the design of ArtGen that was implemented by Simon Carlson with a MSE degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

ArtGen can randomly generate unique images in a constructivist spirit. Ove Carlson can control how the program should behave. He give the prerequisites by changing parameter data or the program code. The images are created in layers. He can affect factors such as form and color, number of layers and transparency. Added to this is a random generator that can be utilized for different purposes. The images produced cannot be envisaged and the probability that they are reproduced is virtually zero. No human hand is involved, except for the initial setup that is provided every time before execution.

Some of the generated images are selected by Ove Carlson and digitally printed with pigmented ink. All prints are unique (no edition) and signed by Ove Carlson.