About Ove Carlson


Ove Carlson, born 1950 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
He studied visual art for artist Philip von Schantz (1928-1998), former head of the Royal Academie of Art, Stockholm. He also studied mathematics and data processing at University of Gothenburg.

In his work he is influenced by mathematics, combinatorics and such and he find inspiration in minimalism and conceptual art. He is the designer of the computer program ArtGen that randomly can generate unique images in a constructivist spirit. His main focus is to further develop ArtGen and to investigate the possibilities given by ArtGen in the creative process.

Ove Carlson have participated in exhibitions in Sweden, Poland and France and had his first solo exhibition in 1991. His works are represented in Arithmeum in Bonn, Germany, Lublin Museum in Poland 
and in a number of Swedish museums as well as The National Public Art Council in Sweden. He is also represented in a large number of  private collections.

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ArtGen/Ove Carlson is represented by ArtGlobe Scandinavia AB.